Now Offering Pure Vita Premium Pet Foods by NutriSource

Posted at 9:44 am on 12/09/2014 by Joann
As a lifetime lover and owner of many dogs of various breeds over the past 30 years we have tried all of the premium dog foods.  We have had both small and large breeds that struggled with digestive issues and health related problem due to their diet.  Too many of our clients share the same story.

My precious Lilly, my fifteen year old Jack Russel had lost her spark about 6 months ago.  She could no longer digest her food well and had intestinal distress.  We were desperate for a solution.  As a last result we tried the all natural, grain free foods called Pure Vita by NutriSource.  In a couple pof days, Lilly's digestive issues went away.  In two weeks time she literally became vibrant and full of life again.  It was as if her biological clock was turned back by two years.  Our whole family and friends were amazed.

We started using the food on our young active dog and shared it with other pet owners.  The results were excellent.  We continued to share our story and more and more friends gave the food a try.

With Pure Vita bringing significant health and vitality to so many of our friends and client's pets we made the decision to stock and offer the Pure Vita product line to our customers.  All natural, grain free foods such as Bison, Salmon and Turkey made in the USA. We beleive and endorse this product so strongly it is the only brand we offer.  If you love your pet like we do, feed it the best food available, Pure Vita by NutriSource.  It comes with a money back guarantee and not one customer has been unsatisfied.  

Here's to your pets health!

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