Doggy Bubbles Pet Grooming's Newsletter

Spring Ticks and Fleas

March 16, 2015

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, so have the bugs!  This is the time to keep a close eye on your pest for signs of fleas an ticks.  It is surprising how many pet in subdivision or apartment yard areas can pick these up.  Wherever there are lawns there is the chance for exposure ... it is not only out in the woods.  In Florida, these little pests are every where.  Be sure to use vet perscribed monthly treatments to keep the bugs away and to protect from heart worm.  Let us know if you believe your pet may be affected.  We will give them a careful inspection and have top rated, medicated, pet grooming shampoos to bring quick relief.

Now Offering Pure Vita Premium Pet Foods by NutriSource

December 9, 2014

As a lifetime lover and owner of many dogs of various breeds over the past 30 years we have tried all of the premium dog foods.  We have had both small and large breeds that struggled with digestive issues and health related problem due to their diet.  Too many of our clients share the same story.My precious Lilly, my fifteen year old Jack Russel had lost her spark about 6 months ago.  She could no longer digest her food well and had intestinal distress.  We were desperate for a solution.  As a last result we tried the all natural, grain free foods called Pure Vita by NutriSource.  In a couple pof days, Lilly's digestive issues went away.  In two weeks time she literally became vibrant and full of life again.  It was as if her biological clock was turned back by two years.  Our whole family and friends were amazed.We started using the food on our young active dog and shared it with other pet owners.  The results were excellent.  We continued to share our story and more and more...

Summer Fleas and Ticks

July 29, 2014

Hello all pet lovers!Just a note about the recent heat wave and rainy, humid weather.  The recent rain has led to moscito and flea outbreaks.  It is time to ensure your pet is protected.  Heartworm medication is a must for dogs that spend a good deal of time outdoors (consult your vet).  If your dog or cat seems to be scratching more than normal ... it could be fleas, ticks or fungel infections.  Unfortunately the hot summer conditions, humidity and wet grass can make it a challenge to keep your pet in top condition.  Please give us a call if you see your pet suffering from any of these conditions.  Special medicated shampoos can bring relief to your pet and a sanitary trim or puppy cut can make your pet more comfortable.  Hope you and your pet are enjoying the summer!

Summer Showers and Fungle Infections

June 11, 2014

Hi to all my pet loving friends!  The recent rain and humidity means one thing.  Summer is here in Ocala.  Now is the most important time to be vigilant to guard your pet's health.  Summer brings, fleas, ticks and in some areas snakes!  It is also a time when rabies is at its highest threat level, hence ensure all vacinations are up to date.With all of these summer stressors it is important to keep your pet as cool and dry as possible.  A "puppy cut" on many small breeds is ideal for the summer months keeping most poblems at bay.  Most seriously the larger breeds are very susceptable to fungle infections.  Once these fungle infections take root, they can be very tough to eradicate.  Special medicinal shampoos are the first line of defence.  But frequent underbody (sanitary cuts) and trimming the arm pits make a real difference.  Much like Athlete's foot another fungle infection, a dog's bead, rug annd other areas they frequent can harvest the fungus.  So as in a flea situation, the...

Welcome to Doggy Bubble Pet Grooming

February 28, 2014

Welcome to Doggy Bubble's brand new website.  The Doggy Bubbles Team is looking forward to sharing our Happy Grooming Experience online!I wanted to share a few tips in regards to spring season pet care.  With the warming weather, fleas and ticks begin to invade your yard.  Once that happens your dog or cat is their prime target.  We see many pets "attacked" during this time of the year, especially if they venture into dog parks.  Now is the time to treat your lawns, the sooner you start, the more effective it will be through the season.  However, even the best efforts in our humid Florida conditions can lead to any pet picking up fleas and ticks.  You can count on Doggy Bubbles to get a sharp eye out for these problems and to use the most effective flea and tick medicated shampoos to protect the health and comfort of your pet.With Warm weather upon us it is time to give attention to dogs that are prone to fungal infections. Fungle infections in dogs increase during hot humid...