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Posted at 4:17 pm on 02/28/2014 by Joann Feehan

Welcome to Doggy Bubble's brand new website.  The Doggy Bubbles Team is looking forward to sharing our Happy Grooming Experience online!

I wanted to share a few tips in regards to spring season pet care.  With the warming weather, fleas and ticks begin to invade your yard.  Once that happens your dog or cat is their prime target.  We see many pets "attacked" during this time of the year, especially if they venture into dog parks.  Now is the time to treat your lawns, the sooner you start, the more effective it will be through the season.  However, even the best efforts in our humid Florida conditions can lead to any pet picking up fleas and ticks.  You can count on Doggy Bubbles to get a sharp eye out for these problems and to use the most effective flea and tick medicated shampoos to protect the health and comfort of your pet.

With Warm weather upon us it is time to give attention to dogs that are prone to fungal infections. Fungle infections in dogs increase during hot humid conditions.  When your dog's skin can not "breath" dampness forms and makes an ideal habitat for fungle infections and rashes to take root.  Keeping your pet in a dry well ventilated area helps.  Also toweling them off from the morning dew and Florida rain goes a long way.  However, many breeds can benefit from a  "summer clip" where the most prone areas are cut short to help mitigate damp moisture on your pet.  When all else fails special anti-fungal shampoos are used to treat your pet.  They are more expensive due to the special medications involved ... but when effective can bring great relief to your pet.

The hot weather has arrived!  It's time to keep an eye out for ticks on your cats and dogs.  Especially if they play in tall grass or romp in the woods.  However, it also is not uncommon for fleas and ticks to be a problem in subdivisions too.  Hence, take a moment to look for ticks at least a couple of times a week.  In many cases it will be good practice to consult your Vet if preventative solutions make sense.  If your pet lives outside, heartworm also becomes an critical issue.

If your dogs are like mine, they love to take a swim in the pool or pond ... or take a ride on the boat.  Water safety is key for boaters ... include the furry ones!  My dogs wear life jackets when they are playing in the deep.  Many breeds such as Bulldogs have been know to drown when falling into a pool ... so safety is critical.  Stories are common of dogs jumping out of boats into deep water ... life jackets are great ... because they have a grab handle on top to help them back on board.  Let's all have a safe summer on the water!

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