Summer Showers and Fungle Infections

Posted at 9:37 am on 06/11/2014 by Joann Feehan
Hi to all my pet loving friends!  The recent rain and humidity means one thing.  Summer is here in Ocala.  Now is the most important time to be vigilant to guard your pet's health.  Summer brings, fleas, ticks and in some areas snakes!  It is also a time when rabies is at its highest threat level, hence ensure all vacinations are up to date.

With all of these summer stressors it is important to keep your pet as cool and dry as possible.  A "puppy cut" on many small breeds is ideal for the summer months keeping most poblems at bay.  Most seriously the larger breeds are very susceptable to fungle infections.  Once these fungle infections take root, they can be very tough to eradicate.  Special medicinal shampoos are the first line of defence.  But frequent underbody (sanitary cuts) and trimming the arm pits make a real difference.  Much like Athlete's foot another fungle infection, a dog's bead, rug annd other areas they frequent can harvest the fungus.  So as in a flea situation, the pet and the enviornment must be managed for a holistic soultion.

Most pet owners will schedule on a 4 week interval in the summer or add a bath in between their standard grooming schedule to bring optimal health to their pet in the hot stressful summer months.  At Doggy Bubbles we look forward to maintaining your pet in optimal health during the long hot summer.

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