Summer Fleas and Ticks

Posted at 11:36 am on 07/29/2014 by Joann Feehan
Hello all pet lovers!

Just a note about the recent heat wave and rainy, humid weather.  The recent rain has led to moscito and flea outbreaks.  It is time to ensure your pet is protected.  Heartworm medication is a must for dogs that spend a good deal of time outdoors (consult your vet).  If your dog or cat seems to be scratching more than normal ... it could be fleas, ticks or fungel infections.  Unfortunately the hot summer conditions, humidity and wet grass can make it a challenge to keep your pet in top condition.  Please give us a call if you see your pet suffering from any of these conditions.  Special medicated shampoos can bring relief to your pet and a sanitary trim or puppy cut can make your pet more comfortable.  Hope you and your pet are enjoying the summer!

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